Tuesday, 1 July 2008

indoor fireworks can still burn your fingers...

No money, and a long way from major bus routes?
There is no longer any need for you to miss out on the festival experience. Do as I did during the recent Glastonbury Festival, and follow my step by step guide to festival bliss :
  • Pitch a tent in your living room in front of the telly, there are several stages available to view on the BBC if you have a satellite dish and the 'red button ' facility. ( no not the one that unleashes Armageddeon Time.. ) if you feel you're too close to the action, try looking the wrong way through some binoculars.
  • To add to the ambience, don't empty your lavatory all day, and when you do- try using a hoover instead of flushing.
  • Don't leave the car outside the house, park it several miles away, preferably across some fields.
  • Lose your money/insulin/ ventolin inhaler, the panic and oxygen starved highs that can be achieved far out stretch any illegal drug 'trip'.
  • The lack of mud indoors can be a drawback, but a few hours heavy gardening between transmissions can soon restore the organic feel to your clothes , hair and general attire.
  • Eat badly and drink too much.

By the way I thought Elbow were on top form. Good to see 'friends' of my blog ( ha, ha ) The Ting Tings celebrating their meteoric rise on the John Peel Stage.

Something of the night ...

Robert Mitchum in 'Night of the Hunter'

  1. The Night has a Thousand Eyes –Bobby Vee
  2. The Night of the Lotus Eaters– Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  3. Bremen Nacht – The Fall
  4. Hard Days Night – The Beatles
  5. Friday Night, Saturday Morning – the Specials
  6. Saturday Night, Sunday Morning – Madness
  7. All day and All of the Night – The Kinks
  8. The Night that Minnie Timperley Died – Pulp
  9. Last Night I Nearly Died ( But I Woke Up Just In Time ) – Duke Special
  10. Night Vision – Super Furry Animals
original concept and suggestions by 'Pyrenees' Dave.