Monday, 14 April 2008

Stately Xanadu

The Mayflower Club Manchester, where I spent many a strange afternoon at the dawn of the eighties, watching punk bands, like Discharge, Vice Squad ( ah, Beki! ), Anti Pasti, and even The Damned. This is another photograph from the excellent Manchester District Music archive. The former Corona cinema, was opposite the entrance to Belle Vue, and apart from Punk bands also gave a venue for a lot of Reggae. Joy Division played here, too. The place was black as pitch inside with overflowing toilets and dodgy electricity. I loved it.

Happy Mondays

My photo of the Happy Mondays at the Manchester Show, an agricultural kind of affair, hence the bloke in tweeds, circa 1984/85. It rained most of the day. There were no more than 30 to 50 people in front of the stage.
There's much more of this kind of thing at the Manchester District Music Archive, an excellent collection of things.

photo: Alastair Price